All welcome even former comedians and comedy fans

What use is Comedy anyway??. Believers in laughter will tell you that laughter is good for you mentally and physically and point to research that has shown that patients who laughed recovered more quickly. They’ll tell you that it reduces blood pressure and is good for the whole body and mind. So what?? They’ll tell you that our brains are hardwired to enjoy ‘humour’ and enjoy a ‘laugh’. There isn’t any scientific evidence to prove that anything is actually funny. It’s all in the mind and it’s all about mass delusion of the people. The other senses can be proved but a ‘sense of humour’ isn’t a real sense.
‘Humour’ and ‘comedy’ are man-made phenomena that were created to differentiate us from the beasts in the fields and to make us feel better about the world we live in. It’s not realistic. For that reason and that reason alone me and my colleagues at ‘Antilaughireland’ think that laughter in the world should be stamped out. It doesn’t matter that it’s a worldwide phenomenon or that people say it’s ‘natural’. It’s not natural at all .
Since we were young children we’ve been forced to go to ‘funny’ circuses and shows and watch ‘good wholesome funny shows’ on television. Now that we’re in an enlightened age we can think for ourselves. We know were in a very serious world where a lot of bad stuff happens. We know the futility of laughing your head off even if it does make you feel temporarily good. When we have our way there’ll be no more ‘comedy’ anywhere. There’ll be no more weekly congregating at comedy shows throughout our land. We’ll even set up our own ‘idon’tlaughanymore’ website where you can formally leave ‘comedy’ behind forever. We feel this way and feel that everyone else should feel the same way too. People label us as ‘aggressively antilaughist’ but we don’t care. If you check out our website you’ll see that our only reason for existence and our only motivation is to be against laughter and comedy of any sort in this day and age.
If we see the slightest mention of ‘comedy’ or ‘funny’ or laughter either on RTE or in the newspapers we write our typically aggressive letters ridiculing these fools.
You see, we are realists. People who laugh sicken us. There is nothing worth laughing at in the world today. What good has laughter ever done but make a few individuals rich and famous. The same comedians that are so ‘happy’ and ‘funny’ and ‘jolly’ and make millions ‘laugh’ often die early from drug and drink overdoses or suicide after depression. Talk about hypocrites!!.
Laughter makes you look foolish and silly. The more serious and solemn you are the more intelligent and sophisticated you look. We in Antilaughireland love to look down on the ‘comedy fans’. I hope lots more of you will join us.
In Fact let us start up a Comedy Night without out any jokes or laughs but with serious topics and science and facts instead. That’ll show these comedians. We’ll have the newspapers there and have them interview Mary from Sligo and Anne from Kerry who were brought up believing in comedy and laughter and who now ‘know’ that neither exists really. That’ll show them!!!

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