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It is about time I posted something on this updated website of mine. I am a male, self taught, artist whose work has been described as outsider, folk, naive and pop art. I live in Finea village in the midlands of Ireland and have been painting since 2004. I loved painting as a child and gave it up when I left primary school as the secondary school I went to didn’t teach ART as a subject at the time. So for many years art was put on hold until late 2003 or early 2004 when I decided I’d like to do some painting. I loved it again straight away and ever since then I have been painting regularly.

To meet me, I am shy and quiet but I am passionate about the stuff I believe in. Stuff matters to me that doesn’t seem to matter to other people I know. I sometimes wish I could be like them and not care so much, and just ignore everything, but that’s just not me. I hate to see real injustice in the world. I hate war, terrorism, racism, bullying, abortion becoming ‘the norm’ in so much of the world, discrimination, political correct policies gone mad, sectarianism (it is the reason for me doing so much Christian art), bigotry of any sort, media manipulating how people think, media brainwashing, hostile ‘comedians’, extremism of any sort…I could go on and on.
But I love so much about the world too. I love all the small details that so many seem to miss. The so called simple things in life. I love planes chalking while lines across the blue sky in the day, I love planes flying by at night with their lights flashing away. I love all the seasons, sunny weather, nature, animals, watching people, traveling anywhere, children playing. I think dogs are great. I love all animals but have a special fondness for foxes. I love to see foxes in the wild or running the roads at night. I also love owls especially barn owls. I love ALL types of music. I love ART. I love movies. I think all women are beautiful,unique,interesting and most are unaware of the fact that they are. I find myself taking the side of the underdog always.

I have a love/hate relationship with the internet. It can do so much good and it can do so much bad too. There is talk about internet bullying at the moment and one of the worst places for internet bullying is ‘twitter’ where vile, idiotic, bullying ‘comedians’, like Frankie Boyle, tweet something horrible about someone and it gets ‘retweeted’ all over the net by approving fellow bullies. Imagine how this someone would feel??
All of this fires up my art and makes me want to paint. I hope you’ll enjoy my website. Thanks for reading this. I can be emailed at erarerf1@eircom.net .

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  1. Great art work

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