It isn’t easy being an artist. Most of us are starving artists that have to try and get jobs so that we can eat and drink, keep warm and live and, if we can find them at all, those jobs keep us away from what we love doing and those jobs tire us out and we can’t get doing what we love doing and were born to do in the first place- creating art.
In a perfect world some rich person would love everything we do and contact us and tell us that they’ll give us a decent weekly wage (average industrial wage would do me nicely) if we promise to create lots of great art. They will give us total artistic freedom of course. They might give us very rough guidelines of what they would like just to guide us. They could keep all the art I create. I don’t want to be rich. I just want to do what I love doing and be able to do it forever.
We could achieve ‘flow’ every day as we are free from long hours in soul-destroying dead-beat jobs, starvation, bills, the cold and abject poverty. We could create works from morning to night gaining confidence and power as we work getting better and better and the work we do is almost effortless and the subconscious takes over……..as we change the world and create awareness and change perceptions and comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable and………..

Any wealthy art lovers out there reading this???
Any of my fellow artists agree with the above?

To all who visit here I just want to say Thanks very much for doing so. If you have any queries at all my email address is erarerf1@eircom.net